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All-Seeing Hamsa Hand Cartilage Earring


Gold Plated All-Seeing Hamsa Hand Cartilage Earring

This alluring, petite cartilage earring features the 'Hamsa' symbol. The 'Hamsa' symbol is comprised of an open right hand and is considered protection from the evil eye. It brings happiness, luck and good fortune to its owners. Crafted from gold plated high quality Stainless steel it’s polished to a mirror finish for glamour’s glow. At its core sits the Seeing Eye inlayed with blue and black enamel. The post measures ¼” in length and it’s completed with a 4mm gold plated ball.

Thickness : 16GA / 1.2mm
Length : 1/4” / 6mm
Charm Size : 9mm
Ball Size : 4mm

Material : Gold Plated 316L Stainless Steel, Enamel